The idea grew slowly. The seed was planted on a road trip through Australia. The reality was fueled by a desire to live simply rather than to simply live.


So I decided to convert a tiny van and live in it... Full time.

I wanted my conversion to be small enough to get good gas mileage, drive through cities, and look completely incognito. After tons of research, I decided to go with a 2010 Ford Transit Connect van.

The reasons for this model were the vehicle's dimensions and gas mileage. The 2010 is about 5'2 at its wide point above the rear tires and about 4'11 tall. Since I am only 5', I would be able to install the bed width-wise to save space. (The newer models grew progressively shorter and narrower, so it had to be a 2010.) These 4-cylinder vans get 25mpg to save on gas and handle much like a small vehicle. 

I found my van on Craigslist. It had been previously owned by a company who had already put 115,000 miles on it. It came with industrial shelving already installed, which was a plus. I took the tiny van home on January 8, 2016. So the story begins...


THE Mission

To provide you with the tips, techniques, and tools I was looking for when I decided to live small.

All photography provided by Tasha Rivard