Hi, I'm Tasha.

I'm a digital media specialist originally from New England.

Though I spent my college years studying Biology and Business, I took a different track immediately afterwards. I started traveling and developed a deep passion for conserving the wild beauty of the planet we call home. Through the process, I've been learning as much as I possibly can about sustainability and my own personal impact on the world. I'm determined to make a difference.

While working at a surf shop, I started managing social media pages and plunged into design, social media marketing, branding, and digital content creation. I recently completed the Design Media Certificate at UC San Diego to further hone my skills in these fields.


When I'm not designing/painting/shooting/writing, you can usually find me in the ocean. I'm an avid surfer who also love yoga, rock climbing, traveling, and just being outside! 

I am currently taking on new clients and freelance projects. Please check out my freelance website and reach out to me at tasha@rivard.us if you are interested in collaborating!